Although Russia is already pursuing many adventures towards the moon, (including partnering with China) they seem to be unable to send their own people to visit that lunar world.

With NASA revisiting the moon via astronauts, Russia is looking to hitch a ride and offer their expertise.

(RIA Novosti) “If the U.S. offers the necessary financing for Russia to participate in its national lunar program, Russia is likely to accept the proposal,” said Igor Panarin, a spokesman for the Russian Space Agency.

Panarin said separate funds have not been earmarked for Moon exploration projects under Russia’s federal space program for 2006-2015.

“The program includes a number of projects to study but not explore the Moon, as exploration requires separate and substantial funding,” the spokesman said.

The article does not go on to say whether Russia desires humans or robots to hitch a ride, but it would not be surprising if they were requesting Russian blood to represent them on the moon.

NASA’s first trip (if not the first several) will probably be American’s, and although the cost of reaching the moon will be high, the rewards of going there will hopefully be worth it.

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