(Hat Tip: Lunar Soil)

If humanity decides to permanently settle our lunar neighbor, then we are going to have to figure out how we are going to grow food on the moon. Although we could always ship food via rockets, doing so would not prepare our species to become “space faring” and would encourage an unhealthy dependence on Earth (for everything).

Despite the lunar visit being nearly a decade and a half way, several scientists are currently designing a way for humans to grow food on the moon–and perhaps make salad part of the future lunar diet.

(AZcentral.com) Arizona researchers have already figured out how to grow fresh, leafy vegetables at the most remote spot on Earth. Now, they want to pursue a new agricultural challenge: the moon.

The research team, which has been growing fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce and cucumbers, at the South Pole for the past 18 months, is building a chamber capable of raising vegetables in space. The inflatable chamber will easily fit into a rocket and run off of sunshine and recycled water. […]

“You always lust for the things you can’t have,” said Phil Sadler, a Tempe botanist who built the team’s “growth chamber” that produces fruits and vegetables at the South Pole. “When you can’t have fresh produce, it becomes a big issue.”

Although we will probably have to ship our meat to the lunar surface (as we may not be able to raise and slaughter cows, fish, etc. off world) growing food would help cut down the costs of building a colony off world.

Hopefully the scientists will not stop at simply growing food, but move onto other plants like trees, grass, etc. in order to help create an environment for the astronauts to relax in.

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