After previously committing to send its own citizens to orbit above the heavens, India has finally laid out a date for when it will join the space power club.

(MSNBC) India plans a manned space mission by 2015, using indigenous systems and technology, a top scientist said Thursday. […]

“We are trying to develop the technologies which are required for sending a man to space … If everything goes all right we will be able to have a manned mission wherein an astronaut will be orbiting the earth within eight years,” he said.

India still has not laid out any plans on whether or not it will send astronauts to inhabit the Moon. The worlds largest democracy may be hesitant about committing towards lunar colonies in the future until they have proven themselves floating among the stars.

Hopefully India will consider revisiting the moon along with the other major space powers, as it would be sad to see such a great nation miss out on owning a piece of the sky.

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