(Image: Humans working on Mars. Credit: NASA/Johnson Space Center)

NASA is adding the red planet to its “celestial road map” by planning on landing a man on Mars by the year 2037.

(Earth Times) ‘We are planning many missions. Our long-term game-plan is to put man on Mars by 2037, so that by 2057, when the International Aeronautical Congress (IAC) holds its centenary, we should be celebrating the 20th year of putting man on the red planet,’ NASA administrator Michael Griffin told the delegates at the first plenary of the 58th IAC on the inaugural day. […]

‘We are looking beyond moon and mars into the inter-planetary system, how to make best use of the ISS and how to use solar power to reduce its operational costs. With manned mission to moon from 2020 onwards and Mars a decade later, we want to build a space civilisation for tomorrow and beyond that,’ Griffin pointed out.

Griffin’s road map to Mars is about seven years later than what Buzz Aldrin would have liked, although it is definitely more reasonable than Zubrin’s previous outline.

This date is probably not set in stone as NASA first needs to demonstrate its ability to conquer the Moon to Congress before moving on to the red planet, not to mention figuring out a way to actually land on Mars in one piece.

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