(Image Credit: JAXA)

The land of the rising sun has a new accomplishment to boast about. Having successfully launched its satellite from Earth to the moon, SELENE now orbits this lunar world in an attempt to better understand Earth’s nearest neighbor.

(Moon Daily) “The satellite successfully entered the moon’s orbit. We are glad that we achieved one of the big challenges in this mission,” said Tatsuo Oshima, a spokesman from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). […]

Once it gets close to the moon it will start observation of land features and study gravitational fields, the JAXA spokesman said.

“Our next challenge is a successful launch of observation activities with cameras and radars functioning normally,” he said.

Hopefully Japan’s SELENE satellite will help the island nation (as well as the world) locate fertile grounds for habitation on the Moon. Although they have yet to launch one of their own in space, Japan does have plans to establish a lunar colony in 2030.

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