(Image: Neelix the chef of Star Trek Voyager, via Ex Astris Scientia)

The latest, (and perhaps largest) Carnival of Space was hosted by Ian O’Neill over at AstroEngine, who also writes for Universe Today (a site I highly recommend).

As far as the Carnival goes, there were many, many articles which explored topics ranging from our attempts at finding Martian life, whether or not light is slowing down to even why humanity needs to explore space before we exhaust our own resources.

A few articles of interest include:

There are numerous other articles not mentioned here, so be sure to read them all before the next carnival rolls around.

Speaking about the next Carnival of Space, this weeks will celebrate our one year anniversary! Yes, one year of scientists, engineers and space enthusiasts getting together (online that is) to entertain the world on the latest happenings from across the space blogosphere.

So instead of simply reading many of these fine articles online, you may want to consider submitting your post to be included within the next carnival. Details on how to enlist can be found over here.

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