It looks like news of the possibility of water on Earth’s little sister Luna is creating a lot of excitement amongst the space geeks community.

NASA is scheduled to release the findings this Thursday, which should either boost the cause for lunar exploration at its most dismal period, or cause a collective yawn throughout the media.

Previous attempts at scanning the Moon for water have revealed the white sphere to be extremely dry and water free.

However it seems as if India’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar satellite (which died a sad death) was able to detect traces of water (or at least hydroxl radicals) which could help future explorers survive on the surface without depending too heavily upon the home world.

If water does exist on the Moon in abundance, it is likely buried many meters beneath its surface, or (in small amounts) within the shadows of craters.

So is there water on the Moon? As far as the public knows, no–but that all may change come Thursday.

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