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Unlike our beloved Earth, Martian soil is very hostile to terrestrial plants.

While this may not hinder our efforts to visit the red planet, it will prevent us from raising crop and planting forests upon this barren dusty world.

Fortunately there seems to be an innovative invention that may resolve this issue–although it may turn a few noses.

(Physorg.com) While efforts have been made to design inexpensive toilets, Swedish inventor Anders Wilhelmson is taking an even more low-tech approach to the problem. He has designed the “Peepoo,” a biodegradable plastic bag that serves as a single-use toilet for individuals in the developing world. After the bag is used and buried in the ground, urea crystals coating the bag sterilize the solid human waste and break it down into fertilizer for crops. Wilhelmson says that his company, Peepoople, can sell the bags for about 2 or 3 cents.

Not only would this be much cheaper than importing fertilizer from Earth, but I could also enable us to raise a few animals off world (like pigs, chickens and of course man’s best friend).

While utilizing our own waste would require the first Martians to maintain a high level of sanitization (perhaps via plasma gas?), it could be the only practical way for us to conquer the crimson world.

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