Welcome to the Carnival of Space! With Valentine’s Day coming up I decided the best way to express my love of all things celestial (shared by my fellow space bloggers below) was through poetry in motion.

So for those of you who enjoy gazing at the heavens above (as well as figuring out the science behind it all), this poem is for you! 🙂


Lovers of asteroids, stars and moons,

And exploding stars that make your heart swoon

Welcome celestial lovers, both young and old

And if you’re new here, it’s time to join the fold!

See the image above? Isn’t it gorgeous and beautiful?!

Want to know what it is? ChandraBlog has the details!

Have you wondered why Mars is so small?

There’s a theory for that (Universe Today reveals all!)

Want to live on Mars and dance upon soil that’s red?

Talk to Bigelow Aerospace (that’s what Next Big Future said)

If getting beyond LEO is a difficult option

Then this EELV may be the perfect concoction!

Prefer not to fly but want to send a package off world?

Skylon may be of assistance (although it will cost you a pretty pearl)

Upon returning to Earth, our forefathers opted for splashdowns

Recovering them was complex; Vintage Space gives the low down.

Don’t be fooled by reports about Jerusalem true believers

Those weren’t extraterrestrials, Urban Astronomer dispels the rumors.

Did you hear about India, and the enormous telescope?

Parallel Spirals provides the update (and gives us some hope)

Vesta present is tranquil, but it boasts a violent past

A giant impact crater? Cue Planetary Society with the vidcast!

Jupiter’s ice belt was missing, but now it is found!

Breaking Orbit has the details with an end that’s profound.

Ever wonder about supernova’s and the various types?

Vega 0.0 can enlighten you and reveal why they’re so bright.

Don’t blame black holes for the presence of dark matter

Science Backstage reveals why you should ignore the chatter

Will we find another Earth boasting creatures that are alive?

According to Weird Warp we just might find five!

Our solar system is weird! We just don’t conform!

Lounge of the Lab Lemming shows why we are not the norm.

Even though our galaxy boasting numerous planets

The Meridiani Journal shows one with very tight orbits!

Thanks for reading, but why read when you can partake?

Contact Next Big Future for details, and join our space geek ranks!

~The End~

Update: Or is it?

Age before beauty, but what about science among the young?

Steve’s Astro Corner shows students getting it done!

But a mystery’s brewing upon a frozen wasteland

Can anyone solve it? Weird Science says yes we can!

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