Do You Digg Colony Worlds?

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No, this is not a rethorical question, but rather a necessary post in my quest to import my site into the new Digg.

So unless you are fascinated with raising pigs on Mars, growing bamboo off world or wondering which worlds are safe to live upon, this post is not meant for you. 😉

But if you decided to stop by and visit, feel free to explore about, and if you feel like chatting feel free to contact me at your leisure.

Remember, space is not just a place full of radiation, rocks and retro geek scientists. Space (or rather the worlds that occupy within it) is our inheritance, one that your kids (current or future) will tread upon and view with their own eyes.

After all, “The Earth is the cradle of mankind, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever!” ~Konstantin Tsiolkovsky


For those of you looking for an invite to the new Digg, I still have a few left (although you better contact me before I run out of invites to hand out!

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Under Construction (Revamping Site)

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After taking a weird blog sabbatical (or rather I was busy posting upon other numerous blogs to post anything here) I’ll be returning starting Monday as I’ve been itching to write upon Colony Worlds for quite some time!

Although I love this theme dearly, the time has come to embrace change and adopt a common (or at least similar) theme throughout all the sites that I own, with the exception of one (which will simply act as a static website).

Once the theme is done, I should return to my regular space geek schedule (as lurking around other space blogs via iPhone is getting old). I’ll finish the theme by today, and begin posting on Monday.

Until then, Live long and prosper. 😉

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And We're Back!

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Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few weeks. Apparently this site has become a favorite target of human spammers (I guess they were upset after I found a way to block their bots), plus I was busy posting upon other blogs I write for.

I have been staying updated on the space front, and while I am not too pleased with America’s new direction, I am still hopeful thanks in part to the private sector (mainly SpaceX and Bigelow).

Stay tuned! More posts should be coming later on! 🙂

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A Space Geek Giving Thanks (On Earth)

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Despite my affection
To visit the heavens
And leave the Earth
The place of my birth

I’m thankful for
These beautiful shores
Next to salty oceans
In their proper proportions

To live on a planet
Where oxygen is abundent
With green food everywhere
And plenty of water to spare

Whose beauty never fades
My planet has it made!
For no world can compare
To my home world that’s so fair

While it may lack broad rings
And asteroid moons that zing
Or a weak gravitational pull
Allowing me to carry a bull

It has the perfect recipe
To sustain life for you and me
As well as our animal friends too
(Who taste excellent in a stew!)

I’m thankful for living on Earth
The place of 6 billion plus births
And even if I never see the stars
I’m thankful to be on Earth (thus far)

~Poem by Darnell Clayton

— Posted from my iPhone

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This Is Just A Drill! (Colony Worlds Will Be Temporarily Down For Maintenance)

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With the launch of the WordPress 2 iPhone app, Colony Worlds will be receiving some extra TLC (Terrestrial Logistical Calibration) behind the scenes to help me blog away from my computer.

Don’t worry! Everything should be fine! Although the site will be funky for 30 minuets.

Be right back!

Update (2/30 1:15 AM): It took a lot longer than expected, but the everything should be back to normal. Now I have to get some sleep!

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New Colony Worlds Coming Soon…

Posted by on Jun 29, 2009 in Blog, Colony Worlds | 2 comments

Hey everyone,

Just to let you know, the new Colony Worlds is coming soon. It should be up by tomorrow. 🙂

Update (7/31): Thanks for the feedback, but just to clarify it is not your browser that is having trouble viewing the thumbnails (as they have yet to be added to the site).

I am manually uploading them, which will take some time (as I do not have as much free time as I use to) but I’ll hopefully finish it by the end of August (if not mid September).

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