India Giving Lunar Data Away For Free?

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After helping humanity rediscover over 600 million metric tons of lunar water, India has decided to “open source” its data by releasing it to the public.

“People will have free access to the huge data obtained from our first moon mission on a web portal that will be launched by this year-end,” a senior scientist of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said here.

“The data has been split into two seasons, with the first dealing from November 2008 to February 2009 and the second from March to August 2009. The first season data will be archived by year-end and the second by mid-2011,” said ISRO’s space application centre director B Gopala Krishna. (Moon Daily)

This data will be invaluable to researchers, who will be able to not only pour over ISRO’s findings, but hopefully construct detailed maps of the lunar surface.

India’s generosity will hopefully encourage other nations (like China) to also share their data, which could help foster a spirit of cooperation (instead of competition) in our attempts to conquer the final frontier.

(Image Credit: ISRO)

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ISRO Forecast: India To Become A Space Power By 2016

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Although the ISRO (or Indian Space Research Organisation) has already made its mark in space by helping to discover water on the Moon, the nation of a billion minds is now attempting to launch its own astronauts into space.

The Indian Space Research Organization is planning to send astronauts to space before the year 2015-16, deputy project director of ISRO’s Chandrayaan MissionJaswinder Singh Khoral said. […]

Khoral said ISRO was also working to send an unmanned lunar mission Chandrayaan-II in 2012-13, an official release quoting him said.

He said that India is in the select league of six nations which have sent their satellites to the moon. (Space Travel)

India is also planning on landing a man (or woman) upon the Moon by 2020, although its unclear whether the current global recession has pushed back the countries ambitions lunar plans.

If India is able to send humans into space on its own power, it would join the United States, Russia, and China as a major space power, a path that could help the Asian giant secure its place among the stars.

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India Delays Human Space Launch

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After promising the world that India would become a space power by 2015, it looks as if the world’s largest democracy is now scheduling its first human encounter with the stars by 2017.

India has aspirations to establish a lunar colony in the future as well, and has even proposed teaming up with Japan as well as Russia to help achieve their space goals.

Hopefully the land of a billion people will be able to to meet its timeline within seven years, as any further delay could result in India ceding dominance to China (who currently reigns as the space king in the east).

(via Spaceports)

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India: We Want A Man On The Moon

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After successfully deploying a satellite around the Moon, it looks as if the worlds largest democracy is preparing to place one of its own citizens upon Earth’s nearest neighbor.

(Moon Daily) “Sending man to moon is a very complicated mission. So, as a first step, we plan to develop an Indian spacecraft that will take astronauts across the earth and bring them back,” ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair said delivering a lecture on ‘India’s Recent Space Achievements’ here on Sunday. […]

ISRO was also in the process of developing technologies for a manned moon mission and it would take more than six to seven years to develop those technologies, he said adding our effort is to achieve the milestone by the time the proposed next manned moon mission of USA and China materialise in 2020″.

Even though India has yet to put a man into space (note: they are planning to send their first citizen around 2015), their belated entrance could help motivate Asia as a whole, especially if they team up with the Japanese.

Currently China is the leading space power in the region, as they have already conducted a space walk, with future plans on landing a lunar rover to explore the Moon’s surface.

Only time will tell whether or not India realizes its dream among the stars–but if the nation of a billion people is successful, we may see future astronauts speaking an additional 20 plus languages (instead of just English and Chinese).

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Japanese, Indian Space Alliance Is Making China Nervous?

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Despite the fact that neither of these countries have launched a human into orbit, both Japan and India have successfully launched satellites around the Moon, respectively.

While China has also launched a lunar satellite (not to mention conducted a space walk), they seem to fear an alliance between the two rival nations, one that seems to benefit the US and put the Asian giant at a disadvantage.

(Asia Times) India and Japan’s agreement in October to expand cooperation between the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), in the field of disaster management, has the raised the ire of a China fearful that the US is masterminding a powerful space alliance between its allies in the region.

All of Asia wants to see improved regional disaster management capabilities, but the growing ties between ISRO and JAXA come just as India and Japan are devising an action plan to advance security cooperation.

“China is concerned about the general effort of the US during the Bush Administration to form a Japanese-Indian alliance to contain China,” said Dr Gregory Kulacki, senior analyst and China project manager at the Massachusetts-based Union of Concerned Scientists.

One may wonder why this alliance would make China nervous since they have already created a similar alliance with Russia, as well as offered to train astronauts from other countries.

Even though China probably fears a military alliance between India and Japan, they may also be worried that an alliance between the two Asian giants could knock China from its current status the space super power in the region.

Such an alliance could also convince other space faring democracies (such as the US and most of Europe) to work together, leaving Aristocracies like Russia and China to fend for themselves in the vacuum of space.

Whether or not the US will actively partner with Japan and India has yet to be seen, but either way it looks as if America may have found a way to counter the rising space power by reaching out to China’s rivals.

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India Gearing Up For Human Space Flight

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After seeing their Asian rival conduct a space walk, it looks as if the worlds largest democracy is laying down the necessary foundation for sending Indian astronauts beyond the sky by 2015.

(Times of India) India plans to a have a new launch pad to undertake its proposed human space flight (manned mission) programme, ISRO officials said.

A project report on the human space flight is ready and is awaiting final approval from the government, Director of Satish Dawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, M P Dathan said.

Despite being far behind both China and Japan, India is determined to establish their presence beyond the heavens, and is even willing to court the private sector in its attempts at catching up.

Hopefully India will consider extending its ambitions lunar side, as launching men and women into space may not guarantee ones status as a space power.

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