Good News! India And France To Militerize The Heavens

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After the Chinese conducted their anti-satellite test, the world has debated about whether or not nations should develop the final frontier with weapons included or for purely scientific/economic reasons.

Even though India has previously expressed its desire that space be developed peacefully, it looks as if they, along with France (hat tip: Space Pragmatism) are seriously considered on militerizing the heavens above us.

(Financial Times) Paris, which today takes over the EU presidency, says Europe must counter threats from conventional military powers as well as terrorism. To do so it needs to add a “political and security dimension” to European space policy, according to documents sent to EU governments ahead of a meeting later this month in French Guiana, home to the European launch pad.

“In Europe, space policy has always been motivated by scientific and technical reasons. The US, Russia, China and so on are motivated by politics. Even so, Europe is the second- or third-biggest space power in the world. Using political drive as well, it would be even more powerful,” said a European diplomat familiar with the plans.

(MSN India News) New Delhi: India needs to “optimise” the use of space for military applications to counter China’s rapid strides in the sphere, Indian Army chief Gen. Deepak Kapoor said on Monday. “We need to optimise the use of space for military applications,” Gen. Kapoor said at a seminar here on ‘Indian Military and Space’.

“China’s space programme is expanding at a exponentially rapid pace, both in its offensive and military content,” Kapoor added.

While conquer the final frontier in the name of science, business and “all that good stuff” sounds noble, the reality is that every country heading into space is going to have to ship their fleets as well (or at least defend their “aerial turf”), something both India and France have now realized.

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India Seeks Military Free Space Exploration

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It looks like India is reversing an earlier decision regarding weaponizing the heavens above us and is instead pursuing an exploration of the cosmos free from military influence.

( Implying that Chinese anti-satellite missile tests had no influence on India’s space programme, President A P J Abdul Kalam has made it clear that New Delhi’s space ambitions had no military interest.

“Indian space programme has no military interest,” he said during a question-answer session at the International Space University here last night.

“It has been built to be locally relevant when globally challenging and its foundation is the quest of India and other space faring nations to use the collective wisdom of the humanity to solve the socio-economic problems of our society,” he said.

Although this is a noble stance, India may have to reverse course on this decision once the moon begins to buzz with human activity. Despite our best wishes, humanity has never been known to ever visit a land without military escorts (during or after) and the Moon will probably be no exception.

India is currently seeking to expand its influence as an upcoming space power, as evidenced by its first successful rocket launch not too long ago. If any nation were to lead the way towards peaceful exploration, India would be the one to do it as it has yet to commit the cosmic sin of shattering a satellite in ones atmosphere.

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Another Space Cold War Developing?

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Whether we like it or not, “weaponizing” space will become apart of our future. China’s ASAT test (whether intentional or not) seems to have given the green light for both the United States and Russia to seriously consider arming the heavens above us, provoking a future arms race well into the next century.

Russia (it seems) is already in the process of expanding its “space forces” role in securing its access to the cosmos, while the US Air force is debating on whether to arm every satellite or simply establish a ballistic missile network. All of this would be simply humorous if it were not for the simple fact that both nations are now starting to snipe at each other (pun not intended).

(MSNBC) Russian space experts are wondering whether the United States used an anti-satellite weapon last month to kill a small Russian research satellite, the Novosti news agency reported Wednesday. […]

“There’s no way this is a credible story,” U.S. Navy Capt. James Graybeal, spokesman for the U.S. Strategic Command, told “We’ve checked with everybody, we have talked to everyone.”

It is doubtful that the US would intentionally destroy a commercial satellite, as that would be an excellent way of starting a war. Although the real reason probably lies on which company built the satellite, the fact that both nations are more geared towards “star wars” than “star trek,” does not exactly help out the situation.

Hopefully some sort of space alliance can be forged between the two, as the last thing our planet needs is a war above the heavens, as well as below it.

(Image Credit: Space 4 Peace)

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Israel Preparing For Space Warfare?

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This is probably in response to Iran’s desire to become a space power, which isn’t too surprising giving the regimes historical doubts regarding the holocaust. (note: which is absurd if you ask me)

(Jerusalem Post) From a purely operational perspective, [Israel Air Force chief Maj.-Gen. Eliezer] Shkedy added, Israel needed to become fully autonomous in its space industry and develop its own capabilities. While not relating to China’s motivations for destroying its satellite in the fashion that it did, Shkedy said the message “cannot be ignored.”

“Battle in space is on our agenda, whether we want it there or not. We need to understand how we develop and protect our space assets at the relevant time. Within five to 10 years this will sadly be very relevant. There may be those who would seek to harm our forces in space, as they would our forces on land and at sea. We could face this reality in a high-intensity conflict in the future,” Shkedy said.

With Israel taking steps to defend its space in space (note: no pun intended), other nations will be forced to take similar measures in order to simply stay where they are in the world hierarchy.

Although their will always be a potential for us wiping ourselves off the face of the Earth, a benefit to this military space race could be greater investment in space technology, and perhaps a re-prioritizing of space in general. This will hopefully result in us actually visiting the worlds we see through our telescope, instead of talking about them from afar.

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Is China Predicting A Military Space Race?

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Despite their best intentions, it almost seems as if the Asian space power has come to realize that militarizing space may come sooner than we all thought.

(The Seattle Times) Yao Yunzhu, a senior colonel in the People’s Liberation Army, brought up China’s recent successful test of an anti-satellite weapon during a World Economic Forum dinner Thursday focusing on North Korea.

“My wish is we really want to keep space as a peaceful place for human beings,” she said, adding that China would like all countries to agree that space should be used only for peaceful purposes.

“But personally, I’m pessimistic about it,” said Yao, 52, who directs the Asia-Pacific Office at the Academy of Military Science in Beijing. “My prediction: Outer space is going to be weaponized in our lifetime.”

With House Republicans already calling for a greater military presence in the heavens above us in response to China’s ASAT test, Yao’s prophecy of nations arming the heavens may come to pass after all.

Although many people will point out that placing weapons in space will encourage the destruction of our species, the opposite may actually hold true. If it were not for the cold war, America would have never launched men to the moon, let alone satellites to enhance global communication.

A new cold war, however unpleasant, may spur our species to increase our investment within our space programs, encouraging us to actually leave our Earthen cradle and explore the solar playground around us.

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Has The Military Space Race Begun? (India)

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With China’s recent ASAT test hitting the bullseye, it looks like India is taking its first steps in defending itself from heavenly attacks.

(Space War) India will set up an aerospace defence command to shield itself against possible attacks from outer space, officials said Sunday. […]

“As the reach of our airforce is expanding it has become extremely important that we exploit space and for it you need space assets,” Tyagi told reporters in the western city of Gandhinagar.

“We are an aerospace power having trans-oceanic reach and we have started training a core group of people for the aerospace command,” the air chief marshall said without specifying a time-frame for the ambitious project.

Although India seeks to have a weapon free zone for the cosmos, such a measure is very unlikely given the history of our human race. With India building up its aerospace program, it is only a matter of time until Pakistan, and other middle eastern countries (like Iran) begin establishing themselves in the cosmos.

And when that happens, either humanity will begin to colonize its lunar neighbor (and beyond) for nationalistic reasons, or make a bigger mess of our paradise world. Here’s praying to the former.

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